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goMobi Tutorial Videos
A mobile website provides the SMB business owner with a quick and easy solution to get a mobile website for their business. It allows business to connect, convert and grow their business with mobile. This is the perfect mobile website builder that provides lightweight, adaptive sites optimized for 14,000+ devices. Create, publish and market mobile sites today.

This video shows you how to create your mobile site. Its a step by step guide to setting up and adding features to your mobile site that will help your business.

Add your location or multiple locations to your mobile site so that your customers can find you. In advanced options turn on 'Find nearest location' so customers can find the nearest location to them.

Now in the WYSIWYG editor you can edit the source code; add videos; images Paypal and Google Wallet payment options or various Mobile Ad Platforms.

You can add Videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your mobile site. You can add either one video or a playlist.

You can create subpages in your website builder

You can now add an image carousel instead of your logo. You can create a carousel with a maximum of 6 images with an option to link to each image.

New drag and drop functionality has been added to the website builder. Site owners can now drag and drop within features to reorder content.

See how you can hide features/pages from the homepage.

See how easy it is to customize the template of your mobile website. Choose from one of our 30 + options or customize your own.

This video shows you how you can create subpages and add them to any page/feature that has a WYSIWYG Editor.

Watch this video to learn how to add a site navigation menu bar. This allows the site visitor to access information from any page of the site.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to not only to use the WYSIWYG editor but to also add widgets like a YouTube video, PayPal button, Google Wallet or Mobile Ads into pages.

Check out this video to show you how to easily add your Google+ account to your mobile site. By adding your Google+ ID or URL the content will automatically be pulled in and displayed on the mobile site.

See how quick and easy it is to set up your mobile website. We take you through the control panel to show you how you can create and be up and running with your mobile site in just minutes!

Watch this video to see how to add coupons to you mobile website through the control panel

Great video showing you how to use your mobile website's marketing functions to help promote your business while increasing your revenue!

See how easy it is to add your business location to your mobile website

Video showing you how to upload a custom icon to your mobile website.

Use the control panel to customize the footer of your site.

Check out this video showing how easy it is to a click to call feature to your mobile website using the control panel.

Check out this video showing how easy it is to upload a background image to your mobile website using the control panel.

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