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goMobi Features

goMobi is an easy-to-use web solution that enables you to create amazing websites for you or your customers. 

Check out some of our features below:

Find us - Show your location with one click Google maps and directions. Multiple locations supported.

Device detection - Viewed flawlessly across thousands of devices. Mobile phones and tablets and more.

Call us - Customers can call you with one click from anywhere within the site, multiple phone numbers supported.

Site translation - Allow your mobile site visitors to translate the site content into over 30 languages with one click.

Products - Highlight your products and add a shopping cart so customers can purchase from the site.

Reviews - Display your latest business reviews from Yelp and Foursquare on your mobile site. Automatically updates.

Menu - Upload a menu or create one manually adding images, titles and descriptions.

Video - Automatically convert and optimize up to 10 videos or playlists for any device from either YouTube or Vimeo

Forms - Create custom forms to suit your business needs. Multiple forms supported.

Twitter - Display your Tweets on your mobile site, automatically updates.

Image Gallery - Display images from an image gallery or create your own gallery. Images optimized for each device.

Full Website - Add a link from the mobile view of your website to your desktop site.

Coupons - Create Special Offers and convert leads, multiple and redeemable coupons supported.

Leave a message - Customers can leave a message requesting information.

Booking request - Let customers request a reservation. Link to a booking engine or add booking forms.

Tell a friend - Enable vistors to share information on your business via Facebook, Twitter and email with one click.

Contact us - Maximise contact with customers. Get options for email and text messages.

Your news - Engage your customers by sharing your news.

Call back - Customers can leave a message requesting a call back.

Blog - Share your blog. Content automaticaly updates.

Opening hours - Let visitors know when you are open or closed with the dynamic opening hours feature.

About us - One click and customers know all about you. Link to a webpage or create a page.

Unlimited pages - Add additional pages to your website.

Services - Share information on your services to help convert more leads.

Event Calendar - Display events from a Google Calendar on your website, content automatically updates.

Facebook - Integrate your Facebook page in your website. This automatically updates.

Google+ - Integrate your Google+ page in your website. This automatically updates.

Sub Pages - Ability to add as many subpages as you like.

WYSIWYG editing - Simple and stress free content editing, using the friendly WYSIWYG goMobi Control Panel tool.

Customize the site - Upload your logo or change your site's aesthetics and design to suit your brand.

Site Redirection - Automatically redirects from mobile to desktop using Wordpress, Drupal, JavaScript, PHP or ASP.

Full transcoding - Displays and automatically updates content from your desktop site in a mobile or tablet friendly format.

Analytics - Know where your traffic is coming from and where they're visiting.

Google Analytics - Integrate Google analytics in one simple step.

QR codes - Promote your site by generating QR codes and marketing flyers for any page of your site.

Multiple templates - A variety of mobile and tablet/large screen templates to choose from to customize the look and feel of your site.

3rd party Ads - Include ads with Google AdSense and add revenue to your business.

Site SEO - Add keywords to search engines can understand your business and you can grow traffic.

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